Wes Nelson

22-year-old Staffordshire born Wes Nelson is currently preparing to release his brand new single, “See Nobody”.


A glossy, confident, effortlessly charming track that is centered around a ridiculously melodic hook, “See Nobody” was written by Wes and produced by Ayo Beatz [Fredo, Dutchavelli, Young M.A]. Featuring rap star Hardy Caprio, the super smooth Afrobeat-meets-R&B single brilliantly showcases Wes’s considerable talents as a vocalist and songwriter.


The single instantly attracted notable fans such as Anthony Joshua, Derek Chisora, Idris Elba, Stevo The Madman, Osh, Sideman, Chunkz, Richard Blackwood, Filly, Bash the entertainer and artist support from Chip, Krept & Konan, Jay1, S1mba, Big Tobz, Jae5, Ramz, SL, Dappy, Zie Zie, Swarmz and many more. The instant responses from people aren’t surprising; the song is clearly a hit and establishes Wes as a genuinely gifted singer and hitmaker-in-waiting.


Though he may have only just started making music, it’s been a part of Wes’s life since he was a baby. Drawn towards singing after being bought a bright red plastic karaoke machine as a three-year-old, Wes would summon his family each Friday night to make them watch him sing along to the day’s hits on Top Of The Pops. Too shy to perform to his peers at school and with other interests taking precedent, a teenage Wes enjoyed a stint as a semi-professional footballer and an undefeated Muay Thai kickboxer. He doesn’t come from a musical family, but discipline is certainly in his DNA. His uncle is a six-time world champion kickboxer, his Mechanical Engineer dad was a National kickboxer and two of Wes’s cousins are Olympians. “Everyone in my family strives for perfection. Okay, you can never be perfect, but we do our best to get close,” he says.


As well as a gifted sportsperson who loved singing in the shower, Wes also shone in academia: he received 14 GCSE’s and four A Levels, before going onto become a Nuclear System Design Engineer. In 2018, in the middle of his first at year university and with a rising social media presence of 30,000 followers (thanks to being Stoke-Upon-Trent’s resident handsome champion boxer) Wes was approached about being on ITV’s reality dating show sensation Love Island. Attracted by the idea of a new challenge, he signed up and life changed immediately. Thanks to Love Island, his social media following grew exponentially; Wes currently has 1.6 million followers on Instagram and 420,000 followers on TikTok, with brands signing Wes up to front campaigns.


One of the show’s most popular characters, Wes quickly became known for brightening up the villa with his upbeat personality and impromptu singing. When he was approached by The X Factor: Celebrity in 2019 to be part of a Love Island supergroup, he was keen to feature as a solo artist but nevertheless saw it as an opportunity to showcase his vocals and drew widespread acclaim for his ability to both sing and rap. After the show Simon Cowell was keen to sign Wes but his primary focus at the time was to develop his song-writing skills ahead of signing any record deal.


After The X Factor and financially comfortable – Wes wisely began investing in properties in his late teens – he committed thousands of pounds to studio time, where he would spend hours each day learning the art of song-writing and producing, pestering engineers to show him the basics of Pro-Tools and Logic. It was while at West London’s Sarm Studios that he met British rap star Dave, who, impressed by the music Wes played him, encouraged his musical ambitions. In March 2020, Covid-19 interrupted the world, and lockdown provided Wes with the time, and space, to really consider his future. He knew music was his first love and his greatest ambition and he saw quarantine as an opportunity to really push his artistic ambitions. While everyone else was baking banana bread and binge watching Selling Sunset, Wes took the discipline he learnt from Muay Thai and applied it to music.


After splitting from his partner wes moved into his friend’s very small spare room, he set up a makeshift studio and spent weeks on YouTube teaching himself to write songs and produce. “I didn’t leave the house for two months, I was working for 20 hours straight, getting four hours sleep, bit of breakfast and back to it again. I was determined to teach myself as much as I could. One of my biggest fears in life is having regrets. If I fail, that’s ok, but I have to know I’ve put everything into it.”


“See Nobody” was the very first track that Wes recorded and it came out fast, in less than two hours. He DM’d it to a few friends and, during impromptu house parties at the flat, he’d slip the single into a setlist that included J Hus and Stormzy, not telling his friends that he was the song’s creator and vocalist. “I would see all these phones trying to Shazam the track and that’s when I thought, Ok maybe I’ve got something. I didn’t tell anyone it was me. I wanted to see if people genuinely liked it rather than saying they did to be polite. I wanted real responses, real criticisms.”


After a bidding war, EMI Records signed Wes solely on the strength of “See Nobody”, though he has dozens of other songs ready to release. As well as working with Ayo Beatz, Wes is also collaborating with Ash from the Lotto Boyz, Ebenezer [Travis $cott] and TroyBoi [Billie Eilish]. “The one consistent throughout my life is a love of singing. I didn’t have the confidence before, but now I realise I’ve got a real shot at this.”


Although the UK is his priority, Wes also has his sights set on the US. He has the desire – and potential to be one of the UK’s most successful R&B singers of all time. He not only has the talent, but the focus, drive and discipline that such ambition takes. “I know it’s not going to happen overnight, but consistency is key. The best artists are the ones who stay true to themselves; authenticity is everything to me and that’s what will take me all the way.”


Turning down hundreds of thousands of pounds in prospective brand and TV deals, Wes’s sole focus is on making and performing music. “I’ve done a lot in 22 years,” he says. “Music is the only thing that’s really resonated, this is the one thing I really want to do. This is not a passion project or a whim or a gimmick. I’m in this for the long haul.”

Friday Lineup

  • Noel Gallagher
  • NOT3S
  • The Cuban Brothers
  • The Skinner Brothers
  • Mr Wilsons Second Liners

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  • Bastille
  • Corinne Bailey Rae
  • Embrace
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